Life's Short. I'm Not! by Bronston Jones

"Life's Short. I'm Not!" is more than just a pun for 6'7" comedian Bronston Jones: this is his mission statement meaning "Tall or small, live big in the limited time you've got." Bronston has conversations with inspiring people wringing as much life out of life as life will let them. Don't live life in a box, you'll still get one when you're done. Life is live – live it!
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Life's Short. I'm Not! by Bronston Jones


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Mar 28, 2016

For second episode of "Life's Short. I'm Not!" Bronston talks to good friend, inspiration and legend of comedy, Tom Rhodes!!!

Tom Rhodes has done stand up for more than three decades. He is a legend in comedy, a master of the art. He had an NBC show in the 1990s, Mr. Rhodes. Tom hosted a late night show in Amsterdam. Most important to Bronston, he packed all his belongings into a storage unit and travelled all over the world telling jokes for 10 years. His podcast "Tom Rhodes Radio" and weekly video series "Knowledge Nuggets" are amazing.

Recently, Tom resettled back in the States. He's back in Los Angeles, CA, and Bronston visited him in his home. 

Thank you, Tom Rhodes! I'm proud to call you a friend.

Thank you for everyone listening. 




*Revised version fixes audio glitch with entire interview playing twice... 63 minute glitch. :)

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