Life's Short. I'm Not! by Bronston Jones

"Life's Short. I'm Not!" is more than just a pun for 6'7" comedian Bronston Jones: this is his mission statement meaning "Tall or small, live big in the limited time you've got." Bronston has conversations with inspiring people wringing as much life out of life as life will let them. Don't live life in a box, you'll still get one when you're done. Life is live – live it!
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Life's Short. I'm Not! by Bronston Jones


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Mar 17, 2016

For the first episode of "Life's Short. I'm Not!" Bronston talks to good friends and true inspiration, Mr. DEAN DELRAY! 

Dean was Bronston's absolute first choice for First Guest for many reasons:

1 - Dean Delray started stand up six years ago. Already he's headlining comedy clubs nationwide and opening theater shows for Bill Burr and Marc Maron. How did he do it so fast? Bronston asks.

2 - Before comedy, Dean toured the world as a singer/songwriter for 25 years. Hint, Hint: 25 years onstage is 25 years onstage. Plus promoting bands and promoting comics are very similar... Hard work. 

3 - Dean also hosts an amazing podcast "Let There Be Talk" on where he talks to musicians, comedians and interesting people about their art, life and whatever else comes up. His podcast inspired what you are listening to now.

4 - Besides comedy and career advice, Dean gives Bronston some great life advice. Listen in. Take what you will. This is good good good good stuff. 

Thank you, Dean Delray. Thank you, anyone listening. 


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